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Banconex is a next generation platform for Digital Assets, FinTech & Private Equity. We power technology and investments for businesses, and individuals across the digital capital stack.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Banconex?

New business models, software, platforms and products are powering a wave of innovation in finance and technology markets. Banconex is building a platform to pioneer this future.

What solutions do you offer?

We provide solutions across the digital capital stack. Digital assets, private capital, technology, fintech and risk management.

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Leading technology features that help you build better and faster

Our team works at the intersection of crypto, fintech and software which allows us to build robust market leading tools to help individuals and businesses capitalize on the growth in digital asset technologies.

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Our Digital Assets platform covers the full spectrum of DLT across cryptocurrencies, centralised and decentralised exchanges, blockchain protocols and Defi.


Our Private Capital platforms incorporates opportunities across private equity, venture capital, international real assets and family offices.


Our Technology platform provides a comprehensive suite of services in the digital asset stack across software-as-a-service, applications, data, tools and APIs.


Our FinTech platform powers modern banking solutions in alternative payments, digital lending, infrastructure, user accounts and investment tools.


Our Risk platform enables innovative solutions for insurance, leverage, gearing, market making, hedging, forex, and smart contract management.

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